You have the power within you to 
restore, rebuild, and recover.
You have the power within you to 
restore, rebuild, and recover.

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how it works
Using the Neubie™, we can scan your body to identify the trouble spots and then guide you through very simple movements to relax the muscles and remove your pain. 
Three simple steps to help you recover and rebuild...


We start with a mapping process of the body, using our Neubie to identify exactly where the root cause of your pain or discomfort is located..


Once identified we the muscle in a way that helps your body begin to relax and the weaker muscles begin to strengthen.


By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along.
shockfit nwa is certified to use the neubie™ device while using the neufit™ method 
"I went from not being able to sit longer than fifteen minutes or pick up my son without hurting to deadlifting 355 pounds in less than three months. Shockfit completely changed my life."
- Grant
Rogers, AR
Brijett wise
Your Shockfit Trainer
With over a decade of experience in personal fitness, Brijett has developed a unique set of skills to help people live a more pain free and personally fit lifestyle. As both a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Neufit™ Specialist, Brijett will help you recover from pain and rebuild strength so you can have an overall better quality of life. 
What People Are Saying ABout SHockfit
"My wife has 3 bulging discs in her neck and is in pain all the time. She is on an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer to help keep the pain under control. After just a couple of treatments she is already feeling better and taking a lot less medicine!"
- Travis
Rogers, AR
"Shock Fit NWA helped me rehab my knee injury in just a few short sessions. The Neubie technology has been key in reducing pain, getting back to being active, and preventing further injury. Highly recommend!"
- Stacie
Rogers, AR
This technology is amazing. Shock Fit NWA has helped me with ankle pain by doing foot baths and workouts with the NEUBIE machine. The master reset is amazing. It helps calm my nervous system resulting in less anxiety and headaches and improved mood and digestion."
- Laurel
Rogers, AR
frequently asked questions
Does the treatment hurt?

There can be some instances where you are uncomfortable but most of the feedback we get from our clients tells us that it doesn't hurt. This could be different for each person. 

What should i wear to my session? 

You should dress similar to how you would for physical activity. Depending on the area we will be working  on, loose fitting attire can sometimes be best. 

How long is my session going to be?

A typical session will last about an hour but some of our introductory sessions can last approximately thirty minutes. The most important thing to us is that you leave feeling better than you did when you came in each session. 

Are there people that you cannot work on? 

Yes, there are people that we cannot work on. If you are pregnant, are experiencing heart-complications, or have a pacemaker. If you have active or recent blood clots and or cancer, we will need to review whether or not we can help you before we perform any treatment. In some instances, we may need to speak with a medical advisor to confirm that treatment using the Neubie™ is safe and will be effective. 

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, we do not accept insurance.